'iKapture' by Sailotech - An AI based solution equipped with optical character recognition to simplify document and data extraction process



HYDERABAD, India, Jan. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Suresh Babu Inturu, the Founder & MD of Sailotech, launched their new product iKapture on 18th January 2023.

iKapture with its Optical Character Recognition and document processing capabilities assures that the tedious data entry and manual tasks are eliminated by intelligently extracting the required information from the document with speed, precision, quality, accuracy and security.
Hiring someone to manually receive, process and verify invoices in the system can add to the cost to the company. The turnaround times to process invoices can be high when done manually. This is where iKapture fits in as the right solution. With end-to-end automation, from invoice loading to record creation and approval, iKapture provides template-free invoice data extraction solutions.
Through artificial intelligence and machine learning, iKapture helps process the extracted data in multiple formats in a user-friendly manner. The product is an intuitive interface gateway that doesn’t require one to maintain coding or templates. Furthermore, iKapture features a cloud-based API that is highly secure and scalable for faster and parallel processing.

iKapture, an intelligent document processing solution is designed with the goal of increasing process efficiency through data automation. It is the most significant tool for businesses since it provides an easy-to-use interface gateway for collaborating with multiple vendors. Additionally, increased storage space, accessibility, and data security are ensured. It is catered to multiple domains, functions, and industries such as:

Accounts Payable Automation: Automate manual procedures like invoice collection, processing, and payment.
Insurance: Digitize policy documents, payment receipts, and claim supporting materials.
Healthcare: Automate and manage clinical records and patient records.

iKapture is a user-friendly solution and comes with enhanced security, convenience, and versatility, iKapture is amongst the best products for scaling your business productivity. To know more about the product:

Website: www.ikapture.ai
Contact: USA: +1 240-786-4814
INDIA: +91 40 4002 2002
Email: info@ikapture.ai

SOURCE Sailotech