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Artificial Intelligence and machine learning helps process the extracted data in multiple ready-to-use formats

AP Automation - Invoices

Is your turn around time to process the invoices are high? Do you have high volumes of documents to review, verify and validate by accounts payable team? How about a solution that extracts the required content from your invoices and process seamlessly. iKapture an AI based solution which reads your invoices, credit notes at a speed of 36 secs per page with 95% of extraction quality. iKapture with its extended capacity can validate the data and can integrate with any downstream applications which will reduce the time and save human efforts to process an invoice.

With iKapture you can be assured that your data is processed and secured and can be accessed with fullproof access controls.

Identity Verification - ID cards

Identity Verification is a critical step in customer on boarding, new account opening, loan applications, claims, and enrollment processes. Customer identification process is one of the most critical functionalities in any industry. With the cutting-edge technology, we bring you iKapture an easy to extract, validate and verify solution to onboard your customer, loan verification process, claims and enrollments. iKapture reduces the data entry efforts as proven around 40% of time spent on a simple onboarding process and the cost by reducing the human intervention to verify the data. iKapture, provides a cloud-based API to extract information from variety of ID cards like driving license, passport, etc. iKapture, provide a cloud-based API to extract information from variety of ID cards like driving license, passport, etc.

So, with this solution business processes can make identity verification online, delights the customers and to reduce the cost associated with in person verification.

Expenses Management - Receipts

Expense management is a critical operation for finance teams across businesses. There are much delays in creating work flows associated with spending, getting visibility & control over expenses reports, etc. All these potentials issues are due to manual entry activities.

iKapture provide a solution to automate manual tasks, so you can get immediate visibility, and better control spend across your organization. It can save time and money, free up your finance team to focus on more strategic work.

iKapture is the most significant tool for businesses since it provides an easy-to-use interface gateway for collaborating with multiple vendors

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