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Rethink the Way You Process Invoices using AI Fueled​ Intelligent Document Processing​

Artificial intelligence (AI) and technology are game changers. iKapture AP Automation offers each of the features that the AP department needs to streamline operations.

A point of entry for documents

  • Documents are everywhere and come in a variety of formats. Data documents will be automatically collected in PDF, JPG, and PNG formats from sources, including email, SFTP, Drive, and S3. Documents are classified as invoices or non-invoice/support documents.

iKapture information central engine to identify document and data

  • Classification of documents using AI/ML (e.g., tax invoices, credit notes, commercial invoices, legal invoices, invoice support document , etc…)​
  • Empowered end user with “Woven Synonyms” ( AI/ML/NLP base)​
  • Approach – Key-value pairs and Cropping for retraining

Authorized users to  view & perform operations

  • The iKapture (Account Payable) portal is governed by role-based access control (RBAC), and dashboards are structured by AP user, Manager, and Finance Head (CFO).

Centralized governance ad Stringent security​

  • ikaptures’ top priority is transaction security.​
  • Reduce IT workloads: Queries and employee support requests concerning forgotten passwords or lost credentials are eliminated.​
  • Users of iKapture can access the account payable portal using SSO with just one set of login credentials. ​
  • MFA(multi-factor authentication) for external users, such as suppliers , to access the portal. ​

Automating the matching process with rules to minimize manual effort and to pinpoint the exceptions

  • iKapature’s automated invoice matching eliminates gaps between purchase orders and invoices during the creation and approval processes for 2Way and Goods Receipt Notes / Service Receipt Notes in case of 3Way.​
  • The goal is to ensure accurate cost accounting, eliminate human error , and on-time vendor payments.

Processing of documents that are not pre-approved ​

  • One key obstacle to internal compliance with non-PO backed transactions is that there is usually no formal mechanism in place. As a result, AP tasks are more challenging. No purchase order was made if there is no PO. Operationally, these transactions also put AP under pressure to complete tasks promptly in order to acquire valid GL number references, adequate approvals, and receipt acknowledgements for past-due or almost past-due invoices. Significant mistakes that could affect the company’s finances are more likely as a result of this.

Invoice life cycle using reports, dashboards and metrics. ​

  • View, track, and send invoice communications and activities from a central location without logging into your accounting system or ERP.​

Talk to Durasta an AI-powered BOT for the answers to your inquiries.

  • Your digital assistant to display data instead of search​
  • Designed leveraging AI/NLP models.
  • Detecting fraudulent invoices
  • Alert to AP team on suspicious invoice ​
  • Rule-based and AI/ML-based techniques for detecting fraud​

Strategic process of categorizing suppliers based on specific criteria.​

  • Easy way to find your bottleneck supplier, collaborative supplier and strategic supplier ​
  • Manage Risk and Vulnerability of Supplier ​
  • Establish Better Relationship with Supplier​


Value to your Business


Boost AP operations Efficiency by 90%. Envision the AP operations.

  • When you get to the point where you have to process more invoices and other business documents, Business continuity may be a higher priority for you than expansion right now. ​
  • iKapture ensures your AP processes running efficiently.​
    • Boost AP operations Efficiency by 90%. Accurately capture digital invoices; recognize and eliminate duplicates; automate two- and three-way matching; and smoothly accelerate invoice approval and exception management.​
    • 3 X faster cycle times​.

Reduce operating cost per invoice by 70%​​

  • In general, an AP assessment indicates a person can handle 5 to 6 manual invoices per hour (10 to 15 minutes each). This involves processing invoices, entering data, typing, revising, and fixing typos.​
  • iKapute automates this operation, which accelerates it significantly.​
  • With iKapture, your AP employee can process one invoice in 2 minutes rather than 1 per 15 minutes, saving you time and money on operations.

Real-Time Reporting and Analytics​

  • Get actionable insights on your payables and statuses. 
  • iKapture dashboards and reports offer comprehensive insight into AP activity. The dashboard’s drill down feature provides a of  dashboard provides  thorough summary of the invoice details status.
  • KPIs 
    • Invoice processing time,
    • Days payable outstanding (DPO),
    • Invoices handled by employees 
    • Number of payment issues

Track Changes in Compliance Support​​

  • Digitally captured data is modifiable by any AP user, making it difficult to track who is doing so.
  •  iKapture offers an audit trail that records the identities of those who make header or line-level data edits. This benefits management with audits and concerns.

Improves relationships with supplier​​​

  • Simplifying the accounts payable procedure assists in improving relationships with suppliers by assuring accurate and on-time payments.
  • Enhanced supplier visibility, discounts, and Late payment can be skipped .

Plans & Pricing


$ 1200 /month

  • Number of Invoices - 1000/MO
  • API Customization - 0
  • STATISTICS - Basic
  • Portal Access - FULL
  • Monthly Billing /Annual Reset Counters


$ 2500 /month

  • Number of Invoices - 2500/MO
  • API Customization - 3
  • Portal Access - FULL
  • Monthly Billing /Annual Reset Counters


$ 4500 /month

  • Number of Invoices - 5000
  • API Customization - 8
  • STATISTICS - Better
  • Portal Access - FULL
  • Monthly Billing /Annual Reset Counters


$ 8000 /month

  • Number of Invoices - 10000
  • API Customization - 12
  • Portal Access - FULL
  • Monthly Billing /Annual Reset Counters

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