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Who am I?

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I am iKapture. I simplify your life by eliminating tedious manual data entry by intelligently extracting valuable information from the documents with speed, accuracy and security.

Designed to address the age-old challenges of manual data extraction processes

How was I born?

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In the new age, documentation and recording has embraced pressing demand for faster and accurate results with lot of complexities. The organizations who are adopted and accepted the changes required in traditional way of manual processing has surpassed their competitors. We are here to help you to take  control & lead position. Our solution is a fine blend of newest technologies, functional expertise and business acumen that’s what it makes the unique.

And, so, I was born.

iKapture was given birth by Team Sailotech to become a one stop solution in optical character recognitions. I have all the solutions you will ever need for Intelligent document processing.

Highly secured and scalable cloud based api for faster and parallel processing

How am I different?


I automate data extraction from any document in multiple ready-to-use formats using AI & ML


I have an easy-to-use interface portal with no code or templates to maintain


I offer a highly secured & scalable cloud-based API for faster and parallel processing

How am I beneficial?


I provide an easy interface portal to collaborate with multiple vendors


I help you with increased process efficiency through data automation


I come with improved data security, storage & access to make your employees happy

Designed to address the age-old challenges of manual data extraction processes

My Features

I extract only relevant information like key-value pairs, tabular data, and contractual clauses ready for further integration into your business processes.


I reduce the manual configuration of documents through a robust and configurable data dictionary to extract standard and custom fields.


I extract & capture different document types like invoices, expense receipts, bank statements, insurance forms, contracts, and IDs (Driving License, Passports, etc).


I ensure 97% plus accuracy and improve over time thanks to my advanced AI and image preprocessing techniques.


I have a highly scalable and cloud-based API that extracts, categorizes, and enriches data from unstructured documents.


I have a plug-and-play architecture that easily integrates with downstream systems like ERPs, CRM, accounting software etc.


Our environment is SOC 2 certified & we use enterprise grade SLAs to safeguard customer data by using top-notch engineered solutions that surpass human intervention.


I offer improved audit & compliance transparency, powered-up automated workflows with valuable data and faster turnaround times.


I can convert the extracted data from unstructured documents to standardized JSON, XML, Excel, and CSV formats.

iKapture is far faster and more accurate than the template-based platforms.

my benefits

I Make Your Team Happy

I improve time efficiency which translates into happy customers that enjoy faster service and a more flexible and dynamic experience thanks to digital interaction. It's a win-win.

I Am At Your Fingertips

All documents are stored in one location with centralized access control which is easily accessible to everyone. I help your team to find the required information on fingertips with minimal efforts.

Hone The Competitive Edge

I extract the data to searchable, editable meaningful information with interactive dashboards and reports so that you can run analytical diagnoses that can yield important insights.

I Save Your Money

As per a recent report, US companies spend an average of $8 billion every year on managing paper & the usage goes over 10000 sheets/person per year. Document digitization helps you save all the money that goes into buying, printing, filing & storing papers.

I Secure Your Data

I ensure your confidential records, financial reports, client information, bank documents & pricing projections are stored & secured from any possible breach. With greater access controls, you can even check which document was accessed when and by which user.

I Offer Risk-Free Services

Digital documents are free from any risk of disasters such as fire or floods. My document digitization services can benefit all the regularized sectors like AP automation, healthcare, banking, legal, supply chain etc. where it becomes more critical especially during audits.

Highly secured and scalable cloud based API for faster and parallel processing

Where do I come in handy?

AP Automation

Template free invoice data extraction solution with end-to-end automation from invoice loading to record creation and approval. Automating accounts payable processes like collecting, processing, and paying invoices.


Digitizes medical and clinical records of patients. Provides greater access controls on your digital documents with improved Data Security, Storage and Access.

Expense Management

Organizes your receipts, track expenses, and even creates automated reports in an electronic form that can be easily searched, archived, retrieved and shared it with others.


Eliminates repetitive data entry process and provides error-free output. Digitizes policy forms, claims documentation and invoices.

Easy to use interface. No code or templates to maintain

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One-stop Cloud based Intelligent Document Digitization Solution that eliminates tedious data entry processes, powers-up automated workflows with valuable data and faster turnaround times.

From invoice loading to record creation and approval, iKapture provides template-free automated invoice data extraction solutions

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